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For over two years Scott Murphy and Scott Stevens served as our real estate agents in the marketing and final sale of our 540 acre ranch. Our property, which has been in the family since the 1930's, was located in the north shoreline of the San Francisco Bay.  The property was very hard to market due to issues of wetlands, pumping systems, issues relating to 70 years of farming, endangered species and more.  The property was also several feet below sea level and Bay water was held back by a series of levees built in the late 1880's.  Future development was limited because of these constraints. The prospect of finding just the right buyer for this property was very difficult and challenging.

These agents worked tirelessly on our sale.  Included in these efforts were many ads in various ranch land magazines, marketing meetings, creating web pages and web sites, designing and distributing color brochures, following up on leads and contracts, and networking and conferring with many other interested parties.  They had frequent conferences with my two siblings at our ranch or by long distance telephone.  Many times they had to contact each of us individually to bring us up to date and ask for our input and opinions.

Scott or Scott were always available to talk to me individually whenever I called from my home in Colorado.  We were always in good hands because one of them was almost always available.  Scott and Scott work together as an excellent team.

I had the utmost confidence in these agents to handle this difficult deal that included so many different facets, many, many months of hard work, and "a long cast of characters" to deal with including non-profit conservation groups, an Indian tribe, land trusts, the Open Space District and, of course, County, State and Federal agencies.

Scott and Scott are hard working, sharp and genuinely caring people who are an asset to the real estate profession of California. Nancy Dickson Wiseman


This letter is in regards to you as my Real Estate agent for the country property located in Bloomfield, Ca. and owned by my family trust.

This transaction proved to be somewhat complicated and time consuming venture, including contact with the Sonoma County planning department, construction professionals, prospective buyers and the dynamics associated with working with a number of family members in partnership as the sellers.

Throughout this process your expertise in marketing the property, your wise counsel concerning county regulations and requirements and pleasing all family members proved invaluable.  Overall the project was a huge success and accomplished to everyone's satisfaction.

Once again, thank you for your extraordinary efforts and for our continued friendship. Evelyn Ramatici


Thank you very much for all your efforts in marketing and selling my property in West Marin.  It was a pleasure working with you and Leading Edge Properties.

I had complete confidence in your knowledge and level of experience.  I never felt that you had so many other clients that you were stretched thin and couldn't give my property the immediate focus and attention it needed at any time.  The deal became a little thorny, and I appreciate your follow-through and get-it-done approach, and I am confident that all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed and that nothing will come back to bite me in the future.

In a field full of prima donnas, your no-nonsence, straightforward manner is refreshing and comforting, and, on a personal level, your a genuine and like-able person.  I always felt I was in good hands.  Paul Buck


February 7, 2006 -  I have been honored to have been served by Scott Murphy and Scott Stevens on the sale of my 650 acre ranch in Petaluma.  After 3+ years they never gave up trying!  To say the least, this was a very unusual piece of ground requiring a highly skilled and motivated individual.  We were shot down at every turn, but they hung in there, putting in literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours.  Their approach to marketing was highly creative, as was necessitated in this case.  I know from experience that the average run of the mill realtor would have thrown in the towel within the first year.  Fred Dickson


I wanted to let you know how impressed I was at the way you handled the purchase and resale 2 years later of my ranch in Chileno Valley.

It was a tricky acquisition, as everyone wanted to buy the property, which was owned by the U.S. Marshal's Service, and a great value.  You quickly befriended the listing agent and enabled me to put it in escrow before anyone else had had the opportunity to do so, and handled the closing diplomatically, enabling me to close, despite the strong interest of other parties in the property.

When it came time to resell, as my listing agent, you gave me advice on pushing pricing very high, but not too high and you were right on target.  You then created competition for the property amongst several buyers, despite the very full price and the many unconventional features of the property.

Most importantly, one or both of you were always available at a moment's notice for showings, advice and babysitting of buyer, tenants and seller alike.

Without your expertise I would not have been involved in this most profitable transaction.  My highest accolades to Scott Stevens and Scott T. Murphy.  Alan Collenette


I had the pleasure of working with Scott Stevens and Scott Murphy on selling our ranch property in Nicasio, California.  Our house had been on the market for two years without any offers.  When we switched the listing to Leading Edge Properties we had a strong offer within two months.  The offer was just slightly below asking price and we closed less than two months later.

Scott Stevens and Scott Murphy demonstrated good marketing sense, were easy to work with and were great at following through and handling the details.  I was very impressed by them and would highly recommend them.  I would be happy to talk with anyone considering their choice of realtor.  Susheela Vasan


It was our good luck when we discovered Realtor Scott Murphy and chose him to manage the sale of our Petaluma country residence.

Mr. Murphy's knowledge and understanding of country properties was the catalyst for its successful sale.  He has an easy grasp of the difficulties of country property sales, such as well tests, septic tank percolation tests, flood zone mapping, and he possesses a native understanding of general land-use covering farming and ranching.

In addition he has a friendly and cooperative manner that brought about very agreeable results with other realtors involved in the transaction.

We are pleased to recommend Scott Murphy as a ranch and real estate specialist.  Robert and Lydia Feltman


I have worked with Scott for 16 months on our ranch property sale, and he has proven himself to be hardworking, professional and experienced.  Scott has been enthusiastic the entire time and I appreciate the solid recommendations he has given me.  He is exceptionally reliable and conscientious about following up on issues.  He is a specialist in ranchlands who brought together a team of contractors to get specialized work done to prepare the property for sale - for wells, perc tests for septic systems, potential subdivision, etc.  The endangered species issues we dealt with were particularly complex and problematic.  Scott handled this difficult and sensitive issue skillfully.  Scott has a remarkable ability to be aggressive when needed, yet is easy going much of the time.  Working with Scott is like being with a knowledgeable, trusted friend.  Lisa Woo Shanks.


Over the last eight years I have transacted business with Scott Murphy in the buying and selling of country properties.  They has always shown the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, and ethics.  They are informed, highly competent, trustworthy, easy to work with, and I unequivocally recommend them to others.  Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D.


David and I (Tamara J. Hicks) write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Scott Murphy with great enthusiasm.  We had been looking to purchase property in either Pt. Reyes or Tomales for over 8 years.  We had a fantasy of what we were looking for but couldn't seem to find just the right place.  A large part of the problem was that we had been working with real estate agents who either didn't understand what we were looking for, were just trying to push their own listings without regard to what our needs were and most often didn't want to take the time that is involved in assisting someone to find the perfect property for them.

Then we found Scott.  In the beginning of our collaboration with Scott we were and continue to be highly impressed with his knowledge of West Marin.  Without his in depth knowledge of everything from obtaining permits to recommending amazing contractors, to the workings of Marin and Sonoma County agencies we would not have successfully obtained our property in Tomales.  He put us in contact with many individuals that have been assisting us with conservation planning and much more.  This assistance and the relationship building that all began with Scott has been invaluable.

He clearly has the respect of the local farmers, residents and business owners.  He has gained this respect not only for his in depth knowledge but for his integrity and work ethic.  Once he makes a commitment to work with you he honors that commitment through thick and thin.  From the moment we spotted the property of our dreams until the purchase went through was 6 months.  Throughout this period was received almost daily emails or more often phone calls to communicate what was happening with the transaction.  Because of this superb communication the process although long (no fault to Scotts) was never anxiety provoking.

Scott did much more than assisting us to buy our property he paved the way for us to enter into a phenomenal community.  As a Psychologist I often come across individuals who can only focus on the trees and not the forest or the forest and not the trees.  I personally believe that an individual who can do both well is quite rare.  Scott is one of these individuals.  His attention to detail and organizational skills are impressive.

Life would be so much easier if all professionals had a similar work ethic and integrity that Scott brings to his work and life.  I truly don't believe you will find a more competent Real Estate Agent out there - anywhere.  Please don't hesitate to call David or me if we can be further assistance.  Dr. Tamara J. Hicks, Dr. David M. Jablons


We met Scott Murphy last fall when we began looking for land in Northern California for a retreat and eventual retirement site.  He gave us several ideas and then showed us a variety of properties.  He quickly realized what type of property we were interested in and helped us find it.  He then worked with us through a very complicated 1031 Exchange process involving many individuals and issues.  He kept is informed, solved many problems on his own initiative, was always available by phone or to meet when we came West from our home in Philadelphia.  If we have a future need of an agent in Northern California, we will definitely seek his services again.  Robert Ballard M.D.


Scott Stevens
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